To get your utilities connected it is essential to have an iskan roporu (habitation licence). An Iskan will be issued first to the builders on completion of the construction and then individual iskans are issued to each apartment owner. This is obtained from the local authority and will be applied for by Toroslar Construction on your behalf. Once this is obtained it is possible to obtain an ‘Abone Number’ to transfer electricity and water accounts into your name. To transfer the account you will also need your title deeds, passport and bank details. You can arrange for your bills to be paid directly by standing order through our Turkish bank account, but always ensure you have sufficient sums in your account to clear these payments.

Mains water supplies are metered and water bills are issued by the local water authority on a monthly or quarterly basis. Bills can be paid in person at the water company offices or at some banks. It is much more convenient though to set up a regular direct debit from your bank account. When paying household bills not that  there are two dates on them.  There is a penalty for not paying by the final date, and if a long time elapses you run a risk of having your supply disconnected.

The supply is 220 volts and two pin plugs are used, similar to those in other European countries. With a suitable adaptor, electrical appliances from the U.K can be safely connected to the mains. Again bills are issued monthly or quarterly and can be paid direct at a bank, PTT (post office) or via direct debit.

Natural gas for cooking is supplied in metal canisters. These are ordered from a local gas supplier, who will deliver it to your door. A full canister costs around £10 and lasts about 6-8 weeks when used for cooking. Empty canisters are exchanged for full ones when you run out.

Aygaz – 0242 519 3212 / 13
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