Security Gate
All visitors to Prestige residence will be required to report to security at the entrance gate on arrival. If you are expecting any deliveries please ensure you notify the security guard in advance so they are able to ensure that you are informed when your delivery arrives. Any guests visiting Prestige Residence will be requested to wait at the gate and you will be called to confirm recognition of your guest before they are granted entrance into the complex.  

Entry phone – enabling voice identification.
Your entry phone is simple and easy to use and combines a doorbell and a front door opening facility. When the door bell rings simply pick up your telephone handset  and you can speak to your visitor to verify their identity before allowing entry. Your visitor will only be able to gain access to your building when you press the button indicated with the symbol of a key. When you press this button the entrance door to your apartment block will open automatically. Replace your handset and the phone will automatically switch off in a few seconds.

Some important tips;
    -    Always check the identity of the person before you allow them to enter the building.
    -    Never allow a person entry if you don’t know them.
    -    If they claim to know one of your neighbours check with your neighbour first before you allow them in.

You will receive 3 door keys to your apartment. One key is for the main entrance to the building and the other two keys are your personal keys to your apartment. There is also an additional safety bolt and latch on your door for added security.

During the construction period, Prestige Residence is insured by Axa Oyak Insurance, until completion. On the day you receive the keys to your apartment or otherwise start use of the residence, all risks will be for the owners.  We advise you acquire home insurance cover for your property as soon as possible.
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