Electricity control panel

220 volts AC 50 Hz, throughout Turkey and two-pin plugs are used.
The electricity control panel has a dedicated switch for each room and mains plug socket. There is also one switch that controls the electricity supply to the entire apartment. In order to conserve energy and save money on your bill please turn off your mains switch when you are leaving the country for extended periods of time.
he entire electrical installation has been fitted conforming to local rules and regulations.

Electric Water heater

Hot water is generated with the aid of an electric boiler, which is situated in the bathroom. This must be switched on before you can receive any hot water. The mixer taps in the kitchen and bathroom are connected to the hot water supply from the boiler. For economy supply of water please turn the dial to ‘E’ and for a regular supply of water please turn the dial to ‘II’.

Air conditioner

The air conditioner operates on a split system which supplies both hot and cold air and is operated by a remote control.


Every block has a central and a satellite dish located on the roof.
Every apartment has a antenna point which connects directly to the central and the satellite dish but this connection must be programmed to a satellite receiver and your television in order to access channels. A satellite dish is always essential in order to transmit the signal into pictures onto your screen and you will still need to purchase one even if you have your own satellite card.

Wireless Internet

To access the Internet Wireless connection you will require a password. This can be obtained from your caretaker or site manager.

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