Turkey provides a diverse range of shopping opportunities for visitors, with exotic products such as hand painted ceramics, carpets and rugs, and Turkish leather products all being popular with tourists. In Alanya alongside numerous stores catering to tourists there are also many stores dedicated to conventional shopping needs. Alanya has branches of many international chains, with their prices generally being the same as in other countries.

Alanya has a wide range of stores for Home Furnishing requirements, Electrical goods, decorations, porcelain and DIY.  You will find many of these stores located within the brand new shopping Mall Alanyum which is located close by in Oba.

With over 11,000 shops, you will find shopping in Alanya a pleasure. You will also find that Turkish hospitality extends everywhere and you will get used to receiving special attention in all shopping places. Most shop assistants can speak more then one language and you will most certainly be able to find a shop assistant who speaks your language in any shop to visit. Try speaking a few words of Turkish in any store and you will find much appreciation and encouragement!

A truly unique experience is a trip to one of the various farmers markets which take place weekly in Alanya. The most popular bazaar takes place on Fridays and is commonly known as the Cuma (friday) Bazaar featuring an array of stalls selling fresh farm produce including spices, seasonal fruits and vegetables, herbs, eggs, cheeses, flowers and more. All the produce is brought into the bazaar fresh from the local farms and you will usually only find produce that is actually in season. Going to the Cuma Bazaar is an essential weekly shop and also great value for money. Make sure you pay a visit. You’ll find the bazaar located just off the main street Ataturk Cadessi. Any fruit or vegetable in season is likely to be cheap across Turkey because Turkey is such a large agricultural producer.
Monday - Oba Market (across Metro supermarket)
Tuesday - Mahmutlar Market (next to Alpina hotel) & Alanya Market (near Can hospital)
Wednesday - Konakli Market (centre)
Thursday - Tosmur Market (next to Tosmur Municipality building)
Friday - Alanya Market (near to Dolmus bus station in the centre)
Saturday - Cikcilli Market (opposite Kipa)
Sunday - Alanya Market (Hacet, opposite Opet Gas station in the centre)

Alanya’s first indoor shopping centre opened in 2006 and has over 50 stores including a cinema, food hall, childrens activity centre and supermarket. Here is a list of just a few stores that might be worth a visit when you move into your new apartment;

Tekzen – a national DIY chainstore, now with its first store in Alanya, there is everything here for home improvement and gardening products.
Teknosa – perfect one stop shop for computer and technology needs, this store has a wide range of electrical goods including computers, tv’s, mobile phones, home electrics and more.
Carrefour – internationally reknowned general supermarket
D&R – Music and book store
Gural Porcelain – tableware and decoration
YKM – a famous department store in Turkey featuring clothes, homewares, shoes and more.
Food hall – includes a wide variety of fast food options including Turkish pizza’s, koftes, doner kebabs, burgers and more.
Cinema -Turkish and International films with a selection either dubbed or with subtitles in Turkish

Supermarkets and Megastores in Alanya
Tansas, Tesco Kipa, Metro, Migros, Afra, Makro, Bim, Carrefor, Koctas

Turkey is known for very cheap costs and here is a rough guide of prices in todays supermarkets in Turkey/ The prices below are worked out on current rates but please note, that the Lira can vary daily, check with for daily rates. This is a rough guide only and prices vary from business to business!

All prices are approximate and rounded up or down.

Kilo of carrots/most veg30p60c.45
Loaf of bread15p30c.20
250 gr of butter35p70c.50
Kilo of cheese1.203.53.7
10 Eggs80p1.51.05
Litre of long life Milk60p1.15.80
Kilo of Beef3-485
Cafe Meal (from)1.502.912
Packet of Cigarettes1.3p2.51.76
Restaurant Meal (from)81611.7
1.5 litre bottle of water20p40c1.55
Bottle of wine35.84
Soft drinks can55p1.73
1 kilo of rice75p1.451
100 gr of instant coffee85p1.661.18


If you incur any problems during shopping you can write the the following address with your complaint;

Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ataturk Cad, ALTSO Is Merkezi No: 19/2 Alanya
Tel: 0242 512 1697

Alanya Municipality
Tel: 0242 512 9390

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