Lifestyle in Alanya
Alanya offers both historic culture as well as modern amenities. It is the perfect location for a fun filled holiday or for a new life abroad. Since Alanya is located further south than most of the Turkish resorts the region enjoys a much longer season, with pools and beaches open from March to November. Alanya is a modern city with an energetic and cosmopolitan atmosphere complete with a dazzling harbour, great hotels, excellent restaurants, fantastic nightclubs and bars. With its open hearted welcoming people, the service is second to none and the prices offer great value. It is a great place to take part in any every kind of sport and leisure activity under the sun or enjoy outdoor music and cultural festivals. The landscaping is bright and open with a marina, numerous parks and promenades. The roads are all well maintained in the centre of Alanya and new roads are being built and old ones being updated around the city centre as new residential and commercial construction is underway. There is easy access to the beaches which are clean, safe and many have "Blue Flags". There is no shortage of water in Alanya and this is why the grass is so green and flowers so abundant. Alanya has a modern transport system with buses, taxis as well as the cheap and cheerful Dolmus's and there are also plenty of car and bike rental agencies. Alanya is not only a busy well developed tourist destination, but is a rich agricultural region surrounded by orange, lemon and banana groves. Fresh fruit and vegetables are always available in abundance and many farmers come into Alanya centre on a weekly basis to sell their produce at the local bazaars.  

Why do foreigners choose Alanya
Among the factors driving foreigners to choose Alanya as a place to invest in property are reasons like climate, human relations, ease of life, natural beauty and favorable prices. The warmth of human relations in Alanya has proved a magnetic force for many people who come back again and again. 

Those who want to spend their retirement years in a better climate also come here for economic reasons. While their pensions might not afford them much in their home country, they are able to live in great comfort in Alanya. Yet the reasons for all of them are not the same, some of them are seeking authentic lives while some of them are seeking modern lives which they can maintain more cheaply in Turkey than in Europe. The phenomenon of “international residential tourism” is of course not limited to the retired, as the young and middle-aged are also seeking new life patterns.

Most of the people in Alanya speak foreign languages. There is no problem in terms of communication. There are big differences though between those who come and go as tourists and those who have moved here. First of all, those who have moved here view this as their country. No matter which foreigner you ask, they will proudly say ‘I live in Alanya.’ There are many who have opened their own businesses, and there are no problems between the local and the foreign merchants. Local merchants are accustomed to the foreign presence, and of course the foreigners have contributed a lot to Alanya. There has been an enlivenment of the economy.

Added to this phenomenon, the tourist season has now become permanent with the winter now becoming more and more active every year. In previous years Alanya would be viewed as ‘empty’ in the winter as the days became shorter and the town became quieter with many shops also closing during this time. Now most of the bars, restaurants and shops stay open all year round to cater not only to the continuous influx of tourists but also to the increasing number of local and international residents moving to Alanya.

Amenities in Alanya
Whilst Alanya offers a traditional Turkish welcome, the city has all the modern amenities including international banks, modern hospitals, cinemas, bowling alleys, shopping centres, numerous sports facilities, cultural and music festivals, great night life and lots more. In the town centre, there is a fully equipped government hospital and two private hospitals and a dialysis centre. Besides the national health insurance, all European insurances are valid in these hospitals. Supermarkets in Alanya include Carrefour, Migros, Tansas, Tesco Kipa, Metro and many international brand name stores have also opened in Alanya. To cater for the needs of the many foreign residents who are now living in Alanya, a number of schools are also now introducing foreign languages as part of the curriculum and English is also widely understood and spoken. Currency exchange and international transfers are available in any bank branch. Credit cards can be used with ATM’s. Foreign currency, especially Euro is a mean of cash payment for shopping.  

Regional Government
Alanya is a town with a population of 100,000 and the governing city is Antayla. Apart from the central municipality there are 15 local municipalities. While the police is responsible for the security in the town centre, gendarme is the official security for the suburbs and the outskirts of Alanya. Tasks and authority of the security forces are regulated in accordance with the European Community Standards.

Foreigners in Alanya
Alanya is the area in Turkey with the largest number of settled foreigners and now has 9,789 foreign residents from 75 different countries. Data regarding property-owning foreigners in Alanya also reflects the wealth of nations represented in the area. According to figures from the Alanya Directorate on Deeds and Titles, there are a total of 13,024 foreign property owners in the region, from 33 different countries. Germans make up the largest portion, followed by Dutch, Swiss, Danish, Irish, Norwegian, British residents. The amount of land sold to foreigners in Alanya so far equals approximately 1.5 square kilometers. Figures on property ownership in Alanya are as follows:

Germany, 4,385; the US, 19; Australia, 2; Austria, 96; Belgium, 330; Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1; Denmark, 1,948; Estonia, 2; Finland, 179; France, 28; Holland, 2,206; England, 796; Ireland, 1;563; Spain, 2; Sweden, 203; Switzerland, 20; Italy, 20; Canada, 3; northern Cyprus, 41; Lithuania, 3; Luxembourg, 2; Hungary, 3; Macedonia, 3; Norfolk, Islands, 1; Norway, 1;104; Poland, 4; Portugal, 3; Russian Federation, 45; Serbia, 2; Slovenia, 1; Ukraine, 3; New Zealand, 1; and Greece, 5.


Due to the considerable population of foreigners in Alanya a foreigners’ council has been formed in the Alanya Municipality “with the aim of listening to foreigners’ perspectives, understanding their problems, and trying to contribute to solutions for them.” In addition to this there are several foreign associations in Alanya who regularly set up events, gala's and Charity bazaars as well as numerous social activites;
ALANYA FINNISH ASSOCIATION (Alanyan Suomalaiset) : The association has an office and library in Alanya centre which is open every Tuesday between 14.00 – 16.00

You can find various foreign language newspapers printed locally in Alanya. Most of these are available free of charge and can be found in restaurants and shops;
Orange (german newspaper)
Riviera News (English)
Hello Alanya (English and Dutch)
Aktuelle Türkei Rundschau (German)
Alanya Bote (German)


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