Turkey’s world famous cuisine is a source of interest and delight for the tourists who come to the country. All the visitors to Turkey try to taste as many types of dishes as possible from what is one of the world’s most famous and richest cuisines. The main reasons for the wealth of the Turkish cuisine is undoubtedly the Ottoman Empire having expanded to encompass vast areas and its multi-cultural nature, resulting from the many ethnic groups the empire ruled over.

As in the cuisines of the all the Mediterranean countries, olive oil plays a major part, with other basic ingredients being supplied from the plentiful range of fresh fruit and vegetables. When you look at the Turkish cuisine the importance of bread will immediately be apparent to you. Bread is baked 4-5 times every day so you can be sure to get a fresh loaf on a daily basis. Turkish bread does not keep fresh very long due to lack of chemicals and so you you can enjoy an organic loaf at a fraction of the price! Enjoy a hot loaf whenever you can and buy fresh bread from the bakery as it comes out of the oven.

One of  the favourite Turkish dishes, one of the many types using dough, is borek (stuffed thin flat Turkish layers of dough filled with different toppings, rolled or shaped and cooked in the oven). It is impossible to leave Turkey without trying borek, either those of home made yufka (thin dough) or ready made ones loaded with various ingredients. Another bread like dish is gozleme (a thin flat round piece of dough topped with filling, folded over and cooked in an open grill) accompanied by Ayran (drinking yogurt). Though both are served as authentic ‘fast food’ at holiday resorts, they are certainly prepared using 100 percent home made ingredients by village women.

White cheese is very popular in Turkey and there are literally hundreds of types. Many being made by hand using traditional methods. The prices vary depending on many things one being the milk used and the cream content. Skimmed milk cheeses are the cheapest and cheeses made with double cream being the most expensive. Try before you buy this is a normal thing here and don’t worry even if you ask to try 3 or 4 different kinds until you find what you want.

One of the most important features of the Turkish cuisine is fish. In a country that has coastlines on three seas, areas that attract the most tourists, there is a wide range of fish, the price of which is very reasonable. In Alanya you will find numerous fish restaurants and you can pick the one you like most and maybe try a fish you have never tasted before. Turks love desert, the rich variety and beauty of Turkish deserts and candies has a world-wide fame and thus the concept of ‘Turkish delight’ emerged. One should not forget Turkish tea which is drunk from a special tulip shaped glass without milk and Turkish coffee which is a traditionally serviced in a small cup as a thick and creamy liquid.

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