Satellite receiver
Turkey has a huge number of national and local tv stations broadcasting predominantly in Turkish which can be accessed via a standard antenna connected to your tv. If you want to access international channels you can buy a satellite receiver box which will automatically transmit all the international tv stations transmitted through the satellite dishes at Prestige Residence. Alternatively you can access international channels on Digi Turk who offer a monthly subscription satellite tv service similar to Sky.

Turkey has a wide telephone network. You can make local and international long distance phone calls from hotels and from public phones within the city. If you wish to install your own phone line within your apartment you must first obtain a residence permit and take this together with all identification to the Turk Telecom office in Oba.

Mobile phone
As you know, roaming is the ability for a mobile phone user to automatically make and receive voice calls, send and receive sms or access other services when travelling abroad. Mobile phone networks are operated by several operators, Turkcell, Telsim Vodafone and Avea all provide roaming services in partnership with International operators. Therefore you can use your foreign sim card in Turkey.

All sales of mobile phones in Turkey have to be registered to the purchaser by the retailer in Turkey, so you need your passport at the time of purchase. As a foreigner you can also obtain a standard Turkish account or a pay as you go line. You can open a standard account at one of many mobile phone shops in town with a proof of address in Turkey, your passport and bank details. Bills are paid monthly. Pay as you go lines are even simpler to open and require a copy of your passport.  There are three Turkish mobile phone companies who offer prepaid calling cards on a pay as you go service these are TURKCELL, VODAPHONE AND AVEA. You simply buy a sim card (hazir kart) for your mobile phone and register to use the service and then you're ready to call. Calls are based on usuage units (kontor). The cost of the call depends on your usage plan. Top up cards are available at mobile phone shops, corner shops and even some petrol stations.

However recent changes in the Turkish telecommunications regulation require all mobile phones not bought in Turkey to be registered with the Turkish Telecommunications authority’s database with their IMEI numbers in order to use a Turkish sim card. Mobile phones from outside Turkey not registered with Turkish Telecommunications Authority are blocked for connection through a Turkish sim card.

According to the Turkish customs regulation travellers can bring only one mobile handset into Turkey in one calendar year as one of their personal belongings, free of customs duties and they do not need to declare it to the Turkish customs.

In order to get your handset registered, the following documents should be submitted to the Telecommunications Authority through a subscription centre of relevant Turkish mobile operator.
    - Passport and copies of relevant pages of the passport (identity and entry stamp pages)
    - A petition indicating IMEI number of handset.

After the registration is completed Turkish network sim card can be used with a British handset. Please ensure that the handset must be sim free or not locked. Your handsets IMEI number is found on a sticker underneath the battery.

Rent a Car
You should present your driving licence when taking a rent a car. Speed limit is 50km/h in the cities, 90 km/h on the motorways and 120 km/h on the highways.

Show Rent a car                        0242 512 5341
Alanya Rent a car                      0242 512 7808
Alp Rent a car                            0242 512 7931
Ata Rent a car                           0242 513 4003
Avis Rent a car                          0242 512 7722
Race Rent a car                         0242 512 1501
Intercity Rent a car                   0242 522 0120

Home Insurance
It is important to insure your Turkish  property and all its contents. A typical household policy taken out with a Turkish insurer should include cover against damage or destruction of the building and its contents by fire and earthquake; cover against theft and accidental damage to furniture and third-party liability. Some of the largest firms, like Axa Oyak or Aviva can provide the policy and other documents in English. Finally remember to check on the procedure for making a claim should it be necessary.

Ozdemir Sigorta (Aviva)            0242 514 1818
Bagislar Sigorta (Axa Oyak)      0242 511 3777

Health Insurance
In Alanya there are many public and private fully equipped hospitals. All health insurance policies obtained with a flight reservation and covering Turkey are valid within Turkey. If you would like to purchase health insurance locally you should contact official representatives of health insurance.

For minor ailments, the chemist shops (ezcane) here are also able to recommend appropriate medication at a fraction of the price of a hospital consultation. Many of the staff also speak foreign languages.

Dentists are widely available here. Many speak a second language and although they are up to European standards if you want to be sure, ask to have a look around first. Check prices for treatment as they vary.

Opticians are also widespread in Alanya, however they are unable to test your eyes for you. You need a hospital who will test your eyes and issue your prescription for you. The opticians can then fill your prescription for you with your choice of frames. Shop around for prices again as they vary between shops.

Post Office - Ptt
Opening hours from 8.30am - 17.30pm
Services include;
Postal services - You can send letters, buy stamps, postal and greeting cards, telegraph, fax notification, Express Mail, Parcel and pay phones
Money Order services - you can send and receive domestic and international money order in NTL and exchange. You can deposit money to the Postal cheque account or transfer or draw money from your account.
Currency exchange - You can exchange foreign currency
Electricity bill payment - you can pay your Tedas electricity bill
Units and Telephone Card sales - you can buy all call cards

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