Beach Volleyball, Handball and Soccer

Alanya is making a name for itself as the centre for international sporting events. At the end of May, Alanya hosts an international beach volleyball tournament at Cleopatra Beach. The tournament is held on the beach, where the Alanya municipality erects portable stands seating 5,000 people, usually packed with foreign and local spectators. The tournament, which is popular each year, takes place in a festive environment and attracts teams from all over the world.

2008 Sporting Calender

Alanya International Street Handball  1-5 July
Alanya International Beach Handball  1-3 July
Alanya Taekwondo Tournament   26-27 July
Alanya Street Basketball Tournament  11-15 August
Alanya Tennis Tournament 1-8 September
Alanya Mountain Bike Championship  12 October
International Alanya Triathlon Race 26 October
International Alanya Swimming Championship  28 October


For the past 10 years Alanya has been staging triathlons, a sport involving three disciplines. Alanya has two triathlons a year, with the most important taking place in October. The second is held in May and includes rafting, and is known as the Rafting Triatholon, in which individual participants guide rafts for three kms along the nearby torrential Dimcayi River and ride 13km over rugged terrain on a mountain bike and run for 5kms.
2008 Alanya ITU Triathlon Premium European Cup - October 26th 2008
Entry fee - 50 Euro
Prize Money - 25,000 Euro
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Just after sunset a new life begins in Alanya which has a lively nightlife with its many discos, bars and live music venues, all located in and around the harbour where all kinds of music can be heard. Entry is free and the venues are usually open until 3 am in the morning with a select few even open until the early hours of the morning. Alanya also hosts numerous open air live music events with classical, jazz and opera performances taking place in scenic locations which all add to the dramatic mood. An impressive new theatre has also opened at Alanya’s cultural centre.

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